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Consult One Global, for the last two decades has been infusing new leash of life into clients’ businesses by streamlining internal processes and drawing its attention to focus on core business operations, with the help of expert hands. This resulted in professional HR consultancy of strategic recruitment, thinking out of the box, knowledge, technology, and best practices to support its esteemed clients in all aspects of human resources and employment administration. We have designed our HR solutions in a manner to provide companies with staffing dedicated to managing and supporting all HR and employment processes, thus allowing them to focus on the key business areas. Close partnerships with our customers propel them to expand their business potential through swift, smooth, and an integrated suite of executive research and selection, hiring of Middle Management and hiring based on Projects and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. With our knowledge expertise of two decades we have been successfully able to deliver solutions for both global recruitment and local business industry’s specific recruitment demands. The staffing needs of our clients are addressed by providing reliable and strategic staffing solutions with a clear understanding of the significance of aligning talent strategy with business strategy. Our capability in fast delivery has gained us the fierce reputation of being a reliable and efficient global executive search firm, with employer value proposition mainly in the tough markets of the Middle East and the Asia Pacific countries, and of course India.


Our extensive understanding of the HR domain fired with our passion to provide a premium service has empowered us to sought solutions to diverse industries


We strive to achieve better results by leveraging our competency and attend to the most complex demands. Our creativity lies with the identification of the right human resource and practices to upscale business..


Among so many players in the field, why should you choose us as your manpower- provider? Consult One Global cannot be ignored since:

  • Subsequent to receipt of your order, we deliver relevant resumes within a span of 2 hours to 48 hours
  • Experienced team abound in talent
  • Offices in multiple locations
  • Strong and extensive database
  • Technology driven processes to increase delivery
  • Strong associate network around the world
  • Multiple services under one roof

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